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Turn 14 Distribution views the Manufacturer–Distributor relationship as a long-term partnership. It is with this goal in mind that the company is highly selective when choosing new product lines in which to invest its resources. Considerable time is invested in market research, forecasting, and dealer interviews prior to adding a brand to the company’s line card. Once a brand is deemed an ideal fit to complement Turn 14 Distribution’s other offerings, it is further reviewed using the following criteria.


Turn 14 Distribution does not believe that the owner of a dominant marketplace should participate as a seller in that marketplace because it inherently leads to abuse of power as marketplace owners can manipulate their marketplaces in order to gain advantages. For this reason, the company does not do business with any dominant marketplace owners and looks for similar commitments to ethics from its suppliers.


Turn 14 Distribution's Marketing Department invests significant resources into developing meaningful advertising campaigns and programs for its partners. Many of these are self-funded. When promoting a specific brand or product, the company finds it wise to partner with its suppliers, and looks for this capacity during evaluation.


Turn 14 Distribution seeks market leaders which offer high-quality products and superior support. Innovative manufacturers who provide unique solutions and grow the company’s markets command attention.


Turn 14 Distribution invests in brands committed to three-step distribution, where wholesale distributors cannot sell directly to the public. The company works to develop pricing structures that allow multiple channels to market to operate in concert. This requires transparency and often fundamental changes to current go-to-market strategies.

New Accounts

Will the manufacturer forward new leads to distributors, or pursue them and compete with their WDs in the process? Will accounts buying from current distribution be opened up directly by the manufacturer?


Turn 14 Distribution looks for partners who are invested and determined to pursue prosperity; the company relies on its partners to continuously create growth opportunities by developing innovative new products.


Turn 14 Distribution is committed to being a transparent link in the supply chain, offering clear and direct communication when issues arise or detours are required. The company looks for the same qualities in its suppliers.


Has this manufacturer invested in electronically cataloging their data to make it easier to sell and promote their products?

Benefits of Dealing with Us

Purchasing Team

Turn 14 Distribution builds high-quality long-term relationships with its partners by taking a collaborative approach to negotiating, and not using leverage for short-term gains.
Turn 14 Distribution offers a clear analytical picture of the business relationship with its partners through best-in-class reporting; this shows the details of the business relationship and highlights ways it can improve.
The company is focused on the long-term success of its partners.

The company makes significant inventory investments in its partner brands.
Lost sales tracking, including unique customer analytics and reporting is offered.
Turn 14 Distribution stocks a wide assortment of products, and reorders regularly.
The company’s proprietary inventory replenishment system automatically limits slow-moving inventory, and adds inventory when sales velocity dictates.
Marketing Team

Turn 14 Distribution’s marketing staff attends numerous events and offers vendor display assistance for its partners.
The company’s in-house creative team is dedicated to producing unique content and marketing collateral for its dealer base, to aid in the marketing of manufacturers.
All new products are added to quickly.
A broad range of proven and impactful marketing programs are offered; meaningful reporting provides clear results on all of the company’s programs.
Sales Team

Sales Specialists are enthusiasts with niche market segment specialization.
Turn 14 Distribution’s Sales Specialists regularly travel across the country visiting its Dealers and staying active at the grassroots level of the marketplace.
With more than 7,000 active accounts, Turn 14 Distribution’s Dealer base is one of the largest groups of specialized retailers in the country.
Customer Support Team

Turn 14 Distribution’s Customer Support Department provides industry-leading required response times for all issue varieties, from tracking requests to technical installation questions.
A balanced Support-to-Sales mentality exists, with more than half of the company’s staff members providing its dealers best-in-class Customer Support.
The company exists solely to support the wholesale channel; this 100%-wholesale commitment ensures Turn 14 Distribution never competes with its dealers on any level.

Turn 14 Distribution offers an online order entry portal and free order processing in all forms.
Best-in-class backend tools are provided to the company’s Dealers; they have the ability to see manufacturer inventory, handle complex drop shipping, view product data, and have full supply-side transparency.
Iron-clad DNS List and Approved Dealer List administration is handled by Turn 14 Distribution’s in-house Brand Equity Specialist.

Turn 14 Distribution’s proprietary software provides real-time inventory tracking.
Same Day Shipping until 7 pm allows dealers to service all customers efficiently.
Distribution Centers are located strategically in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Nevada to ensure Turn 14 Distribution is able to serve 100% of the continental United States within two days.
No-Hassle Returns are processed, inspected, and credited within 24 hours.


When discussing true distributors in our industry, Turn 14 Distribution belongs at the head of the conversation. The organization is a model of professionalism, starting with CEO Jon Pulli, and down through the entire staff. They run a very clean operation and do a fabulous job promoting, marketing and distributing Manley products."

Trip Manley

Manley Performance Products

Turn 14 Distribution is one of the few distributors who crosses over to cover most of the markets we cater products to and has added value to our line by making our parts easily available to their customers, recommending our line and filling an important void in the distribution space."

David Borla

Borla Performance

Turn 14 Distribution is an amazing distribution partner for COBB Tuning! Their entire team is supportive of our authorized dealer program, we get great feedback about potential new dealers or product improvements, and our dealers love to use them for easy access to in-stock products with fast and accurate shipping."

Ian Armstrong

COBB Tuning

Turn 14 Distribution is very easy to do business with. They use innovative marketing methods backed by growth increases and have a very interactive website. They have a warehouse full of enthusiasts that enjoy this industry rather than just have a call center of workers that are not knowledgeable about their products."

Christine Heidel

SCT Performance

Turn 14 Distribution has become a very important customer for us in a short period of time. With proven traditional values, such as loyalty and service, Turn 14 Distribution is the most progressive adaptive warehouse distributor."

Roland Graef

H&R Special Springs

Turn 14 Distribution is an innovator who is achieving new levels of service and distribution. They are forward thinkers, and are not afraid to be different while trying new ways to expand business and continuing to maintain world-class customer service levels. As a supplier, Turn 14 Distribution ranks as one of the very best distributors in our industry.""

Roger Tibbetts

Husky Liners

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